We’re making good progress on the game with changes and updates being made every single day. So far we have two chassis designed for the Terrans. These are both work in progress and designed to be used to test the rules, as well as the model design and printing ease. Ease model will be designed to make it as easy as possible to be bought or printed.  Here we have a Terran battleship chassis and a Terran heavy cruiser. Both are armed with batteries of heavy laser cannons. Sixteen guns on the cruisers, and a massive thirty-two on the battleship. And that is only one side of each ship!

Each of the standard ship designs comes with a number of standard fitment sockets to which all manner of hardware can be attached. These parts will include gun batteries, missiles systems, pylons to fit news parts, cargo containers and even troop and fighter pods. This means that one chassis will serve many different roles.

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The Terran colonies bordering the Empire lie in ruins. Starships blockade the remaining worlds, while legions of Imperial soldiers loot and kill. Many of the great warriors of the age are dead, and panic has spread throughout the Terran worlds. An apocalyptic war looms, and few believe it is a war that can be won.

As colonies evacuate, the mighty Laconians stand alone. They will never surrender, and their new King, Agesilaus, has a scheme that could transform the fortunes of all Terrans. As leader of the most powerful of the Terran states, he plans the unthinkable. Inspired by the valour and adventures of the infamous Ten Thousand mercenaries, he launches a pre-emptive strike against the Empire. Agesilaus and his twin sister, the warrior princess Kyniska will lead the attack and they will not stop until their enemies are brought to their knees.Continue reading


After lots of suggestions from my fans, I’m pleased to announce a brand new game, and it’s going to be completely free for the readers of my books. The books will be free to download at Amazon, and all other retailers, while the models will be free to print on your own 3D printer. I will also ensure that you can order them ready printed if you lack your own printer.

Using the backstory, history and artwork from Star Legions, I am creating a high-quality table top spaceship battle game. The game uses large scale miniatures, with battleships reaching an impressive 8 inches in length. There will be cruisers, frigates and other classes as the system develops.

Please stop by and visit the official Facebook page, say hi and post your thoughts on the new project. I will consider all your suggestions, and the crazier the better!

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Welcome to the Mirror Empires, where reality is distorted, and war threatens to engulf the world. It is 1898, and soldiers armed with the latest weapons clash with the unstoppable power of the Sky Lords and their aerial armadas in new and uncharted realms.Continue reading


Star Legions is back, and looking better than ever. You’ve been telling me for months now that you want to see more of these books, and to see Xenophon and his comrades back into action. Well, the wait is over. I’m stuck in the middle of writing the first book in the new series. It is set right after the events of the last book, and after the return of the Ten Thousand after their epic journey through the Median Empire.Continue reading

The last Jedi 2017 – Review


Ah…where to begin. Well, did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? No. If you want to know more, read on!

I love the original trilogy and despise the prequels. The basic story in Episodes II-III is solid enough, but the execution is dire from start to end. Episode I has no merit of any kind, and can be entirely skipped for no loss to any of the series. Now, jumping back to this millennium and we get the new trilogy, kicked started by The Force Awakens. I had issues with parts of TFA, but overall I enjoyed the film and the new starting point. The heroes of old are still here, with Leia doing her big leading the military of the resistance. Han is up to his old tricks, and Luke has exiled himself after some great debacle that makes him lose his students, and his nephew. The Republic loses its capital and its fleet, and the First Order are about to begin their campaign to rule the galaxy. The first time we meet Kylo, he’s tough, powerful and merciless. Later we see him for the conflicted young man that he really is.

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Deep in the desert, a pioneering aeronaut and a military expedition led by a renowned military explorer uncover a mysterious phenomenon deep inside Khartoum. The city is defended by an unknown, yet technologically advanced people. As they storm the city walls, they are transported to a deadly version of their own world. Continue reading



Nate and his friends are given the chance of a lifetime, a six-mouth tour aboard the Alliance’s newest battleship, ANS Dreadnought. She’s the first in her class, and is the most powerful ship in the sector. Bigger and better protected than any ship before her, Dreadnought carries an arsenal of deadly weapons that can annihilate a small armada and can travel between the stars in a matter of days. There is no deadlier vessel in existence.

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What book sounds most interesting?

I have a number of projects on the go right now, bit I’d really like to know what you all think. I will be writing all three, it’s just a case of which one come out in January. Sky Legions is a new project that has interest for release in multiple formats (possibly TV!). Which of my  book series are you most looking forward to? This poll will be active for a week, so get involved! The right answer is Sky Legions by the way!

Sky Legions of Khartoum Yes, you heard it right. This is a brand new series I’m working on as part of a TV pitch.
A military science fiction adventure that pits humanity’s soldiers against a brutal alien society. A young aeronaut crashes his experimental airship in front of the fortified city of Khartoum, just as it is stormed by an entire army of colonial soldiers. As they enter the ruins they find a portal to a mirror world populated with towering cities in the sand, and filled with bizarre and deadly foes. Before they know it, the entire expedition finds themselves embroiled in a brutal civil war with sophisticated enemies that will stop at nothing to destroy them. Flying creatures and alien technologies are pitted against the finest weapons of the steam age in a violent battle for supremacy. The first book in the brand new Mirror Empires series.

Star Legions: The Terran Wars Xenophon is back! The action kicks off with the Laconians and their new reinforcements heading back to Median Empire for some payback. Many of their number are previous members of the Ten Thousand. All is not as simple as it appears however, and the God King of the Medes is a cunning foe. Why fight your enemies when you can turn them against each other?

Valentine’s War Valentine is a war hero, crippled in her first major campaign. When war erupts on a foreign world she’s given a unique chance. She can join an elite unit made up of broken soldiers, and converted into something deadly.

Coming Soon
Which book sounds best?
Which book sounds best?
Which book sounds best?