We’re making good progress on the game with changes and updates being made every single day. So far we have two chassis designed for the Terrans. These are both work in progress and designed to be used to test the rules, as well as the model design and printing ease. Ease model will be designed to make it as easy as possible to be bought or printed.  Here we have a Terran battleship chassis and a Terran heavy cruiser. Both are armed with batteries of heavy laser cannons. Sixteen guns on the cruisers, and a massive thirty-two on the battleship. And that is only one side of each ship!

Each of the standard ship designs comes with a number of standard fitment sockets to which all manner of hardware can be attached. These parts will include gun batteries, missiles systems, pylons to fit news parts, cargo containers and even troop and fighter pods. This means that one chassis will serve many different roles.

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After lots of suggestions from my fans, I’m pleased to announce a brand new game, and it’s going to be completely free for the readers of my books. The books will be free to download at Amazon, and all other retailers, while the models will be free to print on your own 3D printer. I will also ensure that you can order them ready printed if you lack your own printer.

Using the backstory, history and artwork from Star Legions, I am creating a high-quality table top spaceship battle game. The game uses large scale miniatures, with battleships reaching an impressive 8 inches in length. There will be cruisers, frigates and other classes as the system develops.

Please stop by and visit the official Facebook page, say hi and post your thoughts on the new project. I will consider all your suggestions, and the crazier the better!

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