The Iron Fortress: Based on The Incredible True Story of WWI

August 1917. As the Allies launch a massive offensive on the Western front, Captain Richardson, a battlefield veteran of the trenches leads four heavy tanks on an impossible mission against the German front-line. A brazen assault through the wasteland battlefield that could shatter the German defences and create an opening for Allied soldiers to pour through and hasten the end of the war.

But when tank F41 becomes trapped in no-man-land, that battle is transformed. The men can neither advance nor retreat as the tank sinks deeper into the mud, all while shells rain down all around it. To make matters worse, the German Army is regrouping for a massive counterattack, and tank F41 is stranded right in front of them. The Germans try to force their way inside with every weapon at their disposal, and soon the tank is no longer a mobile fighting machine, but instead an Iron Fortress that is moments away from being overwhelmed.Continue reading


Thrust into a war on the other side of the Galaxy, the Alliance fleet led by legendary war hero Spartan faces a threat like no other. While the brutal conflict rages through the region, a dark and terrible threat emerges in the form of an armada spearheaded by a gigantic dreadnought called STARFIRE. This terrifying fleet leaves the galaxy in turmoil, and a string of devastated planets in its wake.

Spartan calls upon his allies including the renowned Syala, commander of the Black Widows mercenaries and a host of others to help him save their forces from inevitable destruction. As the STARFIRE armada approaches, entire planets begin their evacuation. But Spartan and Syala never back down from a fight. When others see danger and flee, they see opportunity, and they hatch a plan that that is as outlandish as it is impossible.Continue reading