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Ah…where to begin. Well, did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? No. If you want to know more, read on!

I love the original trilogy and despise the prequels. The basic story in Episodes II-III is solid enough, but the execution is dire from start to end. Episode I has no merit of any kind, and can be entirely skipped for no loss to any of the series. Now, jumping back to this millennium and we get the new trilogy, kicked started by The Force Awakens. I had issues with parts of TFA, but overall I enjoyed the film and the new starting point. The heroes of old are still here, with Leia doing her big leading the military of the resistance. Han is up to his old tricks, and Luke has exiled himself after some great debacle that makes him lose his students, and his nephew. The Republic loses its capital and its fleet, and the First Order are about to begin their campaign to rule the galaxy. The first time we meet Kylo, he’s tough, powerful and merciless. Later we see him for the conflicted young man that he really is.

Now jump to The Last Jedi. The film continues right after the last one, and opens with a space battle and evacuation, as well as Rey trying to get some Yoda level training. The battle is okay, but a bit silly with the one fighter thing, and the ugliest bomber designs I’ve ever seen. If all it takes is a couple of bombers to take out a Leviathan, the Resistance should have few problems. Luke does the grumpy old man bit, culminating with him turning his back on the Jedi, and even us discovering that he considered murdering Ben. Really? From the man that managed to turn Vader to the light? Some how Rey must have typed IDKFA at some point, because she’s got godmode activated and she needs nobody to show her how anything works.

The middle of the film is the weakest rip off from Galactica I’ve ever seen. The slowest, most boring chase since…we, the pod race in EP1. Really, this was the best Rian could create? A slow motion chase that takes so long that Finn and co and go off an have a muppet adventure with the future horses and muppet casino. A side-quest that adds nothing to the plot, and would be unnecessary if not for the lazy writing of Leia’s replacement commander.

Ah…Leia. Space Leia. Or is it Star Lord Leia? That entire scene was stunning…ly bad. So bad I’m sure many would have laughed if they hadn’t wondered if this was Carrie’s last scene. It was a weak way to show her power, and looked like Iron Man would arrive at any moment.

Snoke. What happened here? JJ built up something here, and Rian decided, nah, kill it. His character has added little to his point, and killing him off add nothing to Rey or Kylo. It changes little, other than leave poorly developed (in this film) Kylo to lead the First Order misfits. The fight with the praetorians was good, though with Snoke gone, what’s the point? At this point they’re failed in their mission.

Finally we get the reskinned Hoth battle, but without the battle. Instead we get a bunch of crappy skimmers, each flown by newly trained expert pilots who’ve never flown before. They do little until Luke and Kylo face off. At this point Kylo has proven little, and seems weaker and less important than in TFA. There is no fight as such, and Luke huffs, puffs and then dies.

I enjoyed watching the film, but it has taken an axe to the previous films (TFA included). The character of Luke has been butchered, and we’re left with a film that feels like a finale, or the first part of a new series. So many classic characters are killed off for shock value, and little else.

On first viewing I gave this film a 4/5, but on reflection I feel it is too messy and poorly planned to deserve that. Hence the score being revised down to 3/5. That’s till far better than any of the prequels!

  • Episode 1 – 1/5
  • Episode 2 – 1/5
  • Episode 3 – 2/5
  • Episode 4 – 5/5
  • Episode 5 – 5/5
  • Episode 6 – 4/5
  • Episode 7 – 4/5
  • Episode 8 – 3/5

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