I have a number of projects on the go right now, but I’d really like to know what you all think. I will be writing all of these, it’s just a case of which one come out after Valentine’s War this month.

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Michael is a science fiction and horror novelist from Monmouthshire, situated right on the border between England and Wales, and has a substantial background in both advanced computing and ancient history, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, machine learning and Greek military history. Michael started writing back in 2010 and since then has published more than thirty-five novels, with more being released every few months.

His best-selling space opera Star Crusades series has sold in excess of a million copies, and has expanded into multiple new spin-off series including Star Crusader, Black Widows, Mercenaries and many more. This growing saga continues to draw in new fans every month as the Star Crusades universe itself expands. Star Legions is a pseudo historical tale but with a strong science-fiction twist and combines Michael’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning with his life-ling interest in ancient history. As well as a writing science fiction, Michael also writes horror and action fiction, including the popular Zombie Dawn trilogy, co-written with his brother, Nick S. Thomas.


  1. You do “fleet” battles well.
    However, I enjoy your small team grunt type battles the best. They seem more intimate and gritty.

  2. I really enjoy your series, especially those following the life of Spartan. Once one has merged into the expanse of space within which Spartan lives and one gets comfortable with the characters around and opposing him, the need for more episodes grows and one thirsts for the next book. Keep the good entertaining books coming.

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