The Alliance is the descendant of the Centauri Confederacy, and the explorers of ancient Earth. Following expansion beyond Sol and Alpha Centauri the old Confederacy was reorganised into a large alliance of colonies. This growing entity now includes territory previously belonging to the Helions and T'Kari. 98% of the Alliance is Human, with a small but growing population of other races. Since the bloody days of the Great Uprising, and the immediate push for exploration and expansion there have been numerous technological breakthroughs in the development of the Alliance Navy. It’s precursor, the Confederate Navy was almost as numerous as the current fleet, and consisted of a mixture of Navy warships, marine amphibious assault ships and Army heavy transports. These vessels were often anything up to a century old, and lacked any form of rapid travel between stars. The modern navy includes large and powerful strike groups built up of cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships supported by the vessels of the Alliance Navy Auxiliary.