I've written many more books that the 30+ titles features in Star Legions and Star Crusader. My first books were actually zombie survival stories with a mixture of other unusual titles thrown into the mix. Here are the rest of my books that don't form part of my major series. Some of these are collaborative works with my brother, science fiction author Nick S. Thomas.

Welcome to the Mirror Empires, where reality is distorted, and war threatens to engulf the world. It is 1898, and soldiers armed with the latest weapons clash with the unstoppable power of the Sky Lords and their aerial armadas in new and uncharted realms. Jack never expected to spend his nineteenth birthday crashing a stolen flying machine into the middle of a war. But when he saw soldiers with bolt-action rifles up against an advanced species he knew he’d found something incredible. As they storm Khartoum’s fortified city walls, Jack and the soldiers are transported to an impossible version of their own world.

Noah Cage is a cybernetic supersoldier, a war hero and a man on his fifth and final life. He’s a Lifer, an enhanced warrior. Repaired, rebuilt and improved after four lifetimes of soldiering. With each death comes further modification and enhancement, although at the loss of yet another piece of his dwindling humanity. Cage is thrust into the debacle of the Third Martian War. One that sees every man in his unit killed, including his best friend Rob Romero.

The Nazis won the war, but peace in the twenty-first century is proving much harder to keep. It's twenty years since the failed British Mutiny left London a burnt-out husk. A reminder of the new world order that covers most of the globe. Yet even in this dark time there are rumours of growing resistance movements deep inside North America. The patriotic freedom fighters of New York City have the willpower to succeed, but what can they do against the unending numbers of Reich soldiers that occupy their defeated nation, and their monstrous walking machines of war, known as Landships?

New York is free of Reich control, and the flames of resistance spread throughout the Eastern states. Yet all is not well for the growing band of rebels. The Reich may be bloodied, but it is far from defeated. Nothing, not even the worst snow storm in a generation will stop them from mobilising for an overwhelming offensive. Once they are ready they will smash the rebels with a single decisive blow. As both sides steel themselves for the coming battle, multiple Waffen SS units march into towns and cities to root out collaborators in their own unique and cruel way.

Zombie Dawn Book Series

Follow the outbreak of a deadly Zombie plague and the people that are left, fighting to survive.

The first novel in the exciting Zombie Dawn series that follows the outbreak of a deadly Zombie plague and the people that are left, fighting to survive. Follow the story of six individuals around the world in their fight to survive in the first few days of the Zombie Outbreak. Dr Garcia, the high level researcher and troubleshooter who tries to halt the spread of the virus against impossible odds.

The second novel in the exciting Zombie Dawn Trilogy. The book continues the story one year on from Zombie Dawn Outbreak. The world is now a very different place, far from the disorganised and desperate struggle to simply survive an hour, the remnants of humanity have formed new communities with their own unique approaches to survival in a zombie dominated world.

The third and final novel in the exciting Zombie Dawn trilogy that follows the outbreak of a deadly worldwide Zombie plague. This epic finale concludes the story ten years on from Zombie Dawn Outbreak. Very few communities remain and those left are the hardiest and most resolute. This book tells the final bloody fight for survival that will determine the future for mankind.

The complete Zombie Dawn Trilogy is now available in hardback or ebook for the first time. Not only do you get all three novels, you also get nineteen original illustrations that highlight the most significant characters in the saga. As an added bonus the collectible hardback includes the exciting 'Invasion Manhattan' novella that is set three weeks into the story and tells of the epic battle by the US National Guard to retake New York.


Meticulously researched and vigorously detailed, these detailed manuals are the most detailed and up-to-date books you will find to keep you and your family safe during the Zompoc (Zombie Apocalypse).

Meticulously researched and vigorously detailed this important survival manual is the most detailed and up-to-date book you will find to keep you and your family safe during the Zompoc (Zombie Apocalypse). This book is unique in its coverage of all Zombie strains from the viral infected fast zombies through to the shambling re-animated undead.

The sequel to the bestselling Zompoc: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. How do you fight a zombie if you are armed with only a shovel and are being pursued down a street? How can you raise a body of like minded individuals to defend your territory or to expand during the Zompoc? What is the Zompoc and what is a zombie?