Star Crusades is a vast military science fiction series that chronicles humanity’s first interstellar empire in the 25th century. Settlers, explorers and corporations have already helped colonise the nearby stars of Alpha Centauri, but they look outwards for new worlds to exploit. With each step they take comes new challenges and crisis that will test their resolve to the limit. Star Crusades is a realistic science fiction series that utilities the latest scientific knowledge to create a credible world filled with realistic machines, technology and physics. The Star Crusades universe currently includes three separate series, all of which can be ready in any order and includes UPRISING, NEXUS and MERCENARIES. In 2015 the series was joined by a STAR CRUSADER, and young adult spin-off set in the years after the Great Biomech War, and running concurrently with Mercenaries.


The first thrilling series in the Star Crusades universe. Meet Spartan, Teresa and Gun as they blaze a path of glory for generations to come!

The 7 novel Great Uprising series chronicles the final years of the interstellar Centauri Confederacy that is torn apart by religious strife and extremism. Set in the years 2437AD-2440AD, Generations of stability are lost as a mysterious faction arises deep inside the Confederation. While the disparate forces of the Confederacy attempt to deal with the crisis, criminals and rebels launch terror attacks that destabilise the colonies and turn brother against brother. This bloody and terrible confrontation is described in detail in the epic 7-volume Star Crusades: Uprising series.

In the first book of the Star Crusades: Uprising series, the bloody struggle is told through the eyes of an illegal pit fighter named Spartan, who is forced to choose between incarceration or military service.

Spartan, now a sergeant in the Marine Corps and his armoured platoon is rushed to the defence of New Carlos on the planet of Prime. The massive city is besieged by the terrifying Biomech shock troopers, its fall is imminent.

There is peace in Proxima Centauri but for how long? The religious insurgency has already exploded throughout the system and one by one the colonies have seceded from the Confederacy, lured to the offerings of the Church of Echidna.

Spartan, now a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps has been given his own special platoon, the Vanguards. His unit is thrown back to the Bone Mill to locate information that could change the war.

Spartan and his comrades aboard the Yorkdale train and prepare their new forces for what will be the last battles of the war.

Hidden deep within the humid jungle world of Hyperion lies the last great secret of the Echidna Union. When a number of ships vanish near the planet the worst fears of the Alliance Senate are realised.


17 year later. The heroes of the Alliance Navy and Marine Corps unite with their newly found alien allies to participate in the most violent struggle in history.

The Alliance emerges from the violent schism known as the Great Uprising stronger than ever, and with a hunger for exploration, and answers to untold questions. Seventeen years after the conflict and harnessing technology discovered in the war, the Alliance makes first contact with alien civilisations at a place now known simply as the Nexus. But this new age of peace, trade and scientific advancement draws the attention of the mysterious enemy. The heroes of the Alliance Navy and Marine Corps unite with their newly found alien allies to participate in the greatest and most violent struggle in history. This thrilling period is described in detail in the epic 9-volume Star Crusades: Nexus series.

A chance discovery on the jungle world of Hyperion leads Alliance scientists on a path to creating a permanent spacebridge to the distant Orion Nebula. In a matter of days, great fleets of military and civilian ships depart for the single greatest expedition since the colonisation of Alpha Centauri

A grand expedition of civilian and military ships is formed to travel to the most important location in the Galaxy. Little do they know that something terrible and violent awaits them, something that has waited centuries for this very moment of weakness.

In a shocking move, ANS Conqueror, the first battlecruiser to be constructed since Great Uprising is attacked with overwhelming force while orbiting Helios, and is sent crashing through the world’s atmosphere.

The revolution on Helios has slowed to a stalemate, worsened by a bloody military coup led by Dictator Lyssk and his private security forces. News that they have turned on the civilian population force the Alliance Senate to act.

The vast chunk of rock and ice appears to change course and a grand Helion fleet moves to intercept it. No sooner does the blazing comet arrive that the enemy finally reveals himself, and not a single world or colony is prepared for what is to follow.

As Spartan recuperates from his tortured ordeal on the backward and corrupt planet Earth. a final message arrives from Mars. Enemy ships have smashed through the Rift and in hours all contact is lost with the Martian colonies.

Battlegroups from across the Alliance rush to Helios, along with entire divisions of regular and territorial Marines and their war machines. Trenches are dug, weapon emplacements constructed, and artillery sited at every key point that might be struck.

The opening battles of the bloodiest war in human history have been fought, and now the enemy spreads from world to world, exterminating all before them. This is no war for territory or resources, it is one of genocide.

As the allies wait for the arrival of the hated machines, they are forced to defend the burned out worlds of Eos, Spascia, and Helios Prime. The outcast Biomechs of the Nexus hear the call of their kin, and hurl themselves at every ship and soldier in a final bloody assault that could end the war in a matter of days.


The great empires lay broken, creating opportunities for warlords throughout the galaxy. It is a time of mercenaries, freebooters and the great heroes of old.

As violence flares, great heroes of the past like Spartan, Gun, General Makos and Admiral Anderson are brought back to maintain order. With so much conflict it is impossible for the Navy or Marine Corps to do this alone. and now only the combined efforts of the military and the growing numbers of mercenaries and freebooters can have any chance at keeping the peace between the great empires. This thrilling period is described in detail in the epic Star Crusades: Mercenaries series.

Spartan is a living legend, a veteran of the Alliance Marine Corps, victor of a multitude of military campaigns including the horrific Biomech War. He is both loved and reviled by friend and foe alike, and now lives out on the fringes of the Alliance.

Spartan assembles the newly christened IAB for their deadliest mission yet. A journey across the stars to face this ancient vessel that dwarfs even a fully assembled warfleet. Waiting deep inside this vast derelict lies an alien intelligence, one that can be traced back to a civilisation long forgotten.

A new conflict is growing, and it will soon escalate into all-out war. A war that will engulf the colonies of a hundred worlds and could spread to the fragile Alliance. Massive fleets of ships engage in battle, and conflict rages far below on the disputed worlds of the Tenth Quadrant.


An epic young adult spinoff series set during the events of MERCENARIES, that follows the adventure of a group of elite videogamers trapped aboard an Alliance warship.

Nate has a talent for space combat after hundreds of victories in the Star Crusader videogame simulation. His skills are unique, enough to gain him a rare privilege. The chance to join five other Alliance cadets and escape the dull routine of the classroom. They will enter a fierce competition light-years away in the ancient Byotai Empire. Yet days after their arrival a rebellious faction begins a bloody mutiny that spreads like wildfire. The time for competition has ended; the time of war has begun. STAR CRUSADER is an epic young adult spinoff series set during the events of the MERCENARIES series that follows the adventure of a group of elite videogamers trapped aboard a renegade Alliance warship.

Under the guidance of Lieutenant Higgins, the ship's last fighter pilot, the six cadets have just days to practice operating the ship's fighters. There are no others. Only they can defend the ship, or face death at the hands of the enemy.

The Orion Battlegroup assembles under the command of the war hero, Admiral Churchill. Desperate for pilots for the coming fight, Churchill gives Nate's unit their chance. They will reform the defunct Knighthawk Squadron, and join with their comrades in the battle to help their Byotai allies.

With time running out, Admiral Churchill and his officers hatch an audacious plan. It is a plan that could allow them to escape the clutches of the Star Empire, and rally all remaining loyalists to this last prince.

Over the past weeks, the videogame pilots have proven their mettle in battle. Now they will face the ultimate test, and join the elite Byotai pilots aboard the battleship Furiosa. Ahead of them lies the most critical phase of the conflict.