US Army Private William Richards is heading into battle in the mountainous regions of the A Sau Valley, in South Vietnam. Little does he know that an unseen horror awaits his unit deep in the jungle.

US Army Private William Richards is heading into battle in the mountainous regions of the A Sau Valley, in South Vietnam. Little does he know that an unseen horror awaits hiBilly, as he is known to his friends will face a battle hardened and experienced regiment of North Vietnamese regulars. An enemy that refuses to abandon the valley and have fortified the area for a determined stand. As the battle begins, both sides take heavy losses, but in the middle of this carnage lies an unknown and unseen horror. Something from the ancient past has risen deep inside the jungle. Powerful and deadly, it strikes without warning, leaving death and destruction in its path.

Soon both sides find it is not just the creature that threatens them, but something else. Those it kills soon return, with a dull glow to their eyes and a desire for killing friend and foe alike. The soldiers on both sides find their battle for Vietnam must be set aside. Something much deadlier controls the mountains and they will either have to work together to stop it or see themselves torn limb from limb by the creature known as the Ky Lan!Continue reading


The war against the Guardians begins with a stunning victory on the lost world of Alkonost.

The battle takes heavy toll on Spartan’s assault force and leaves him badly wounded and in an induced coma. By the time the battered but victorious fleet reaches the Hellstorm refugee fleet, news has already arrived of their victory against the undefeatable enemy. Inspired by multiple victories, as well as critical information recovered from Alkonost, these once scattered and defeated people are united. And together they begin their holy war that will wipe away every taint of the Guardians and restore their old empire.Continue reading


Assembling the parts

The Ragnarok ship design is a hybrid of two ships, a Byotai cruiser and an Alliance heavy cruiser. Note the first two images show the parts used from both ships. The central hull comes from the Crusader class, while the dart hull design comes from the Byotai. I combined them, narrowed the hull and added a pair of superfiring turrets.Continue reading

The Iron Fortress: Based on The Incredible True Story of WWI

August 1917. As the Allies launch a massive offensive on the Western front, Captain Richardson, a battlefield veteran of the trenches leads four heavy tanks on an impossible mission against the German front-line. A brazen assault through the wasteland battlefield that could shatter the German defences and create an opening for Allied soldiers to pour through and hasten the end of the war.

But when tank F41 becomes trapped in no-man-land, that battle is transformed. The men can neither advance nor retreat as the tank sinks deeper into the mud, all while shells rain down all around it. To make matters worse, the German Army is regrouping for a massive counterattack, and tank F41 is stranded right in front of them. The Germans try to force their way inside with every weapon at their disposal, and soon the tank is no longer a mobile fighting machine, but instead an Iron Fortress that is moments away from being overwhelmed.Continue reading


Thrust into a war on the other side of the Galaxy, the Alliance fleet led by legendary war hero Spartan faces a threat like no other. While the brutal conflict rages through the region, a dark and terrible threat emerges in the form of an armada spearheaded by a gigantic dreadnought called STARFIRE. This terrifying fleet leaves the galaxy in turmoil, and a string of devastated planets in its wake.

Spartan calls upon his allies including the renowned Syala, commander of the Black Widows mercenaries and a host of others to help him save their forces from inevitable destruction. As the STARFIRE armada approaches, entire planets begin their evacuation. But Spartan and Syala never back down from a fight. When others see danger and flee, they see opportunity, and they hatch a plan that that is as outlandish as it is impossible.Continue reading


Valentine and her Novas are the only known survivors of the fall of Epsilon Eridani. A new and deadly threat known only as the Ski’ligs sweeps through the Eridani System, capturing planets and moons in a matter of weeks. This high-tech race displays an unsurpassed knowledge of science and warfare that threatens the safety of the Alliance and beyond. Their avian species thrives on hunting and war and uses their aerial abilities to hit and run before they can be brought to battle. This method of warfare applies to their fleet advanced warships that block any attempts to retake the system.

The Alliance cannot let this aggression stand, especially against a new and prosperous colony deep inside their own territory. With faith in the Alliance at an all-time low, the public demands action against the new threat. Continue reading


The tenth book in the thrilling Star Crusader series is here. Star Crusader is an epic  series set following the devastation of the Nexus War, that follows the adventures of a group of elite videogamers who rise through the ranks to become fighter pilots.

The invasion of the Centauri Rim has begun, and Knighthawk Squadron leads the way. They fight in both the real and virtual worlds, where they use their unique skills to throw the enemy off balance. This last battle will be fought against the mighty stronghold of the separatists, an impregnable fortress hidden inside the Rim known simply as The Rock. And in their path lies a vast array of warships, pirate vessels, thousands of soldiers and a secretive leader who promises a future freed of alien influence. A grim future where Humanity can realise its destiny as masters of the known universe.

What should be the final battle of the war threatens to spread the conflict to encompass every corner of the Alliance. As the crisis reaches its inevitable climax, the Knighthawks discover a dark secret. A secret that could bring the Alliance to its knees, even in its moment of ultimate victory.


Valentine never thought death would be so difficult. Tough, a crack shot and popular with her unit. She’s a young woman with a bright future in the Corps. But everything changed the day her unit boarded the dreaded ‘Burijas’, a Leviathan Class Battleship and flagship of the invading Star Empire. The assault is a bloodbath, but little does she know it will be her last action. A devastating blast tears her fragile body apart, leaving her a broken woman close to death.

Nothing goes to waste in the Alliance, and trained and experienced marines are prized assets. Valentine is given a unique chance, one that could see her return to the frontline as part of the Novas. A brand-new elite unit of cybernetic super-soldiers, and lead by the charismatic Captain Olik. And he’s no regular marine, he’s an enhanced Jötnar that’s twice the size of a man, and ten times more dangerous. Valentine will need to prove her worth as she fights for a place among the Novas. War is brewing on a distant world, a war that will need the Alliance’s best, and the Novas will be leading the charge.Continue reading


The Alliance Navy’s renowned assault carrier ANS Relentless is sent into action for the first time in more than a year. She’s been significantly enlarged, upgraded and improved with Byotai armour and heavy weaponry. But most significant of all, Relentless is the first carrier to embark a squadron of the alliance’s newest fighters, the deadly F26 Firehawks.

Nate and Billy have completed their Academy training and are thrilled to find they’re to be returned to their old home, the Alliance assault carrier Relentless. They are to bolster the ranks of the enlarged Knighthawk Squadron, as two of its most famous pilots. What they find in the Rim will stun every soul in the Alliance and threatens to bring an old enemy back into the fray. With the Alliance on the brink of a new civil war, only Relentless and her band of plucky pilots can make the difference.


When contact is lost with the newly conquered worlds in the Kerme Nebula the worst is assumed. King Agesilaus sends Xenophon and Princess Kyniska with an elite force of Terrans, mercenaries and volunteers to secure the region from the clutches of the Empire. But what they find in the Nebula is the stuff of nightmares. Unspeakable horrors have engulfed the region and threaten to take back all the Terrans have won. The legacy of the sinister warlord Tissaphernes remains as his Legions of terrifying warriors appear from nowhere to take back all that they lost in the war.Continue reading